Where can I buy a Henry Margu wig for myself?

Henry Margu is a manufacturer and does not sell directly to consumers. There are many authorized distributors and retailers that stock a complete range of Henry Margu styles. If you are a consumer looking to buy a Henry Margu wig or hairpiece and cannot find a retailer in your area, please email us on our contact page and we will be happy to recommend qualified retailers where you can purchase our products.

Can I purchase directly from Henry Margu?

If you are a qualified retailer, you can contact Henry Margu to establish a wholesale business account. At that time, a current business license and trade references may be requested to open your account. A minimum initial order will be required to establish business together.

How do I know if I am purchasing a genuine Henry Margu wig?

Every Henry Margu wig and hairpiece has a hangtag printed with the name Henry Margu. More importantly, every Henry Margu wig is produced with our label sewn into the cap. If your wig does not have a Henry Margu label, it is not a Henry Margu wig.

How do I choose the correct color?

Choosing a hair color is a personal choice. It shows off your unique sense of style and helps complete your personality. You should not worry about matching your own color exactly, although Henry Margu has more than 60 unique and natural colors for you to choose from for the closest match possible. Viewing our Color Browser will help you in your selection. A qualified retailer will be able to assist you with color selection if you have any concerns.

If you are a consumer and have specific questions about choosing the correct style or color to best suit your face shape and coloring, styling your wig or hairpiece, or sizing, we suggest you visit one of the many qualified Salons selling Henry Margu wigs.


How do you care for Henry Margu wigs?

Henry Margu wigs and hairpieces are easy to care for. Our exclusive fiber processing allows our wigs to “bounce” back to their original style if maintained and cared for properly. Following are simple washing instructions to keep all Henry Margu products looking great:

• Gently hand wash while soaking in cold water with a dash of Cleanse shampoo.

• Thoroughly rinse the wig in clean cold water to remove shampoo.

• Do NOT brush the wig while fiber is wet. For short styles, allow the wig to air dry on a wig stand or lay flat on a towel. For medium to longer wigs and curly styles, lay the wig flat on a towel to air dry.

• Once the wig is completely dry, the ready-to-wear styling should return with a gentle shake of the wig. Revitalize spray conditioner will add luster to the fiber.

Can a hair dryer be used on wigs?

For most styles, curling irons and blow dryers should never be used as they may damage the synthetic fiber. Unless the wig or hairpiece is specifically labeled as being made with “Heat Resistant fiber”, hot styling tools should not be used.

Are there any special tips to help maintain Henry Margu wigs and hairpieces?

Wig care products developed by Henry Margu exclusively for use with synthetic fiber will help to maintain the life and beauty of any wig or hairpiece and will aid in keeping its original condition. Regular cleaning of your new Henry Margu wig is the best way to keep it looking fresh and new. Remember, a wig is like a delicate garment; with the proper care, it will look beautiful.

Other tips to keep our wigs and hairpieces looking beautiful are:

• Make sure wigs are stored properly when not worn. Using a wig stand or styrofoam head is the preferred method. Long styles can be hung or laid flat on a surface. Never fold the wig or hairpiece and put in a box or plastic bag (except while traveling).

• Be careful wearing a wig or hairpiece around areas of extreme heat such as a hot oven, fireplace or barbecue. While the fiber used on Henry Margu products is not flammable and does not pose a threat, extreme heat can damage the fiber making it frizz.

• For longer styles, it is best to lay the wig on a flat surface and brush from the bottom up. This will help to protect the fiber and will keep it from pulling out of the cap.

Can the wig style be changed?

Henry Margu wigs are designed with a style that is set into the fiber, but styling variations are limitless. Wigs are best styled by using a wire brush designed for wigs, a wire pick, or finger styling. Added height can be achieved by gently lifting with the brush. Added fullness can be accomplished as well with teasing. To return the wig to its basic style, simply brush thoroughly, clean and allow to air dry

What is the difference between a monofilament wig and a regular wig?

Most wigs are produced with a lace fabric in the top of the wig. A monofilament wig, or mono-top wig, is made with a very fine lace material and takes on the color of the wearer’s scalp when worn. Each individual strand of fiber is hand tied into the mono material, as opposed to being sewn to a lace fabric. As a result, a mono-top wig is much more natural looking than a regular wig in that the fiber can be styled in any direction while showing a natural and realistic looking scalp area.


How do I start an account with Henry Margu?

If you are a legitimate retailer, you can contact Henry Margu to open a commercial account. At the time of your contact, an Account Executive will request a copy of your State business license and possibly a resale certificate. A minimum order of six pieces in assorted styles and colors will be required for your first order.

Which Henry Margu styles will be appropriate for my salon?

Henry Margu has highly trained Account Executives who can assist you in the proper selection of our products. After an initial discussion, your Account Executive will help you determine what styles will be most successful in your Salon based on both demographic and geographic considerations. By starting you with styles that are most suited for your clientele, your experience will be positive. Our goal is to establish a long-term business relationship. For this reason, you can rest assured that your Account Executive is interested in the quality of your order as compared to the quantity.

Will Henry Margu assist me with the presentation of products in my salon?

Absolutely! Your Account Executive can work with you to create a unique and exciting presentation that will help to develop or increase business of Henry Margu wigs and hairpieces in your salon. As the major manufacturer of wigs for display mannequins, we have worked together with many high profile and well-known retailers over the years. This experience has helped us to fine tune our own visual presentation skills, and we are pleased to share our expertise with our partners.

From attractive mannequin heads to display our products to beautiful posters and point-of-purchase displays, we will work with you to create a presentation specifically suited for your salon that is second to none.


Are Henry Margu wigs and hairpieces made of real hair?

The majority of our styles are produced with synthetic fiber. Various types of fibers and colors are blended together to achieve the optimum mix to ensure the beauty and manageability of our wigs and hairpieces and the most realistic appearance possible.

Human hair wigs require a lot of upkeep. Synthetic wigs are easier to maintain. The benefit of synthetic fiber is that it maintains its color and curl and is not affected by environmental conditions such as heat and humidity. The modern synthetics are easy to care for, look and feel natural, and make our styles ready-to-wear.

Is the Color Browser accurate?

The color swatches shown in the Color Browser give you a visual representation of the individual colors for each item. However on screen color images are not an exact representation of the actual colors due to the accuracy of the monitor. The images in color browser are simply to give you a representation of the colors available and NOT an exact match.