About Us

A privately held, family-owned company, Henry Margu is the oldest and most experienced wig manufacturer in the United States. Fashionable styles, superior craftsmanship and extraordinary customer service have enabled us to develop a premium brand that continues to succeed because we truly understand the needs of our customers.

Since 1951, we have worked diligently to maintain Henry Margu’s position as a leader in the wig industry. Throughout the years, Henry Margu has earned an international reputation for both designing unique products and continually achieving the highest quality standards in the marketplace.

With the belief that being an industry leader means more than simply creating fashionable styles and colors, the design staff at Henry Margu focuses on crafting better wigs for consumers. From the creation of more manageable, natural-looking styles to improvements in lighter-weight, more comfortable wigs, our innovations in specialized techniques continue. Many of these developments have not only secured Henry Margu’s top position, but have also inspired others in modeling their creative styling concepts. Above all, our efforts reflect one common purpose … the satisfaction of our customers!

Trend-setting styles, cutting-edge coloration, incomparable quality and relentless dedication to our customers have enabled Henry Margu to continue to lead our industry.

Henry Margu Wigs…The difference is beautiful! ™

Mission Statement

Henry & William started HMI with the customers’ best interest in mind. To strive to be the best in every detail, the details do matter. Produce the finest quality, provide the most exceptional service possible, never lose sight of your goals! These efforts throughout time result in decades of very satisfied clients!! Still family owned since 1951, HMI continues to carve its path in the industry based on the same principles upon which the company was established years ago!